May 25, 2013

Tea week journal

In May I have been doing a Tea Week Journal for a swap via Swapbot, and here is how it turned out:

I'm happy with how it turned out. I haven't been as creative as I wanted to during my three years of studies (one of the reasons why I started to be more creative with my envelopes), and sometimes I find it a bit hard to be creative. 

Hopefully now when I'm done with my studies I will find the energy to be more creative :)

I can't believe that I am done with my three years in Sogndal. Now I will move on in my life, a new chapter and new stuff to do, exiting :)

May 16, 2012

In the Fjords of Norway lies secrets no one would dream of

Yesterday I was with a group of colleagues to a place called Finnabotn, in Vik municipality by the Sognefjord. The mountains build up from the water, and stand there very majestic looking down at us. The only way to get here is by boat. There are no cars or roads here.

March 25, 2012

Sun at my windows

This weekend has been great so far.

I love it in spring when the sun gets warmer and stays longer every day, that makes me happy. (Until all of a sudden there comes rain or even snow to drag me back down again...)

Friday I went to Førde, about two hours from Sogndal, because I was going to two meetings.

A bit more fancy lunch that I'm used to as a student.

I like this last picture a lot. Some of the beautiful nature we have here in the west of Norway :)


Today I was supposed to do four things:
1. Write my CV
2. Write a job application
3. Write a post for the local newspaper
4. Write a letter to Katharina in Germany

But so far I have done:
1. Started writing on my CV
2. Spent way too much time looking for earrings at Etsy
3. Got an sms with a reminder that I should translate some song lyrics for a quiz tomorrow
4. Just messing around... Eating, drinking some tea, checking out the program for a festival this summer...

March 21, 2012

At my bedside

In my window the books I'm currently reading.

On the wall over my bed: 
A poem about summer.
A reminder to "morning grumpy me" to smile a bit in the morning.
Today is the day - reminds me of this song:

And it's also a reminder that every day is a new day.

October 31, 2011

"On my dying day"

Lay down your broken head
I can see you cry away your life
Fall like you fell from grace
Soft, but sweetly say
This is my dying day

And if you don't mind
I would like to
Fly far away
That's all I wanna do is
Fly far my way
That's all I'm gonna do
On my dying day

Like you never have
Take in all you can
Before the wind decides
To lead like a Mother
Don't let go of my hand
On my dying day

And if you don't mind
I would like to
Fly far away
That's all I wanna do is
Fly in my own way
Where nobody can touch me
Nobody can

I'm flying
Flying my own way
That's all I want to do
On my dying day

I'm shaken by the cold of the roses that we grow
To give our heads a happy state of mind

And all I need to know
Is where I can go
If you lock me out and leave me here to die

I will fly
Fly far away
That's all I wanna do is
Fly on
Fly in my own way
Where nobody can touch me
Nobody can

I'm flying
So far away
That's all I want to do
On my dying day
On my dying day
On my dying day

I love this song! And on my dying day I would like to fly away too...


October 18, 2011

My "25 before 26"-list

Inspired by Kara Haupt, Rebekah Williams and several other bloggers, I made my own list. My list of 25 things to do before I turn 26. This is just for fun, and to inspire and push myself to do some things I have been thinking about doing for a while now.

My birthday is Janyary 28th, so that means I have about 3 months, 1 week and 3 days left. Wow, that's not much at all!

Anyway, here's my list:
1. Have a new tattoo OR make a fancy header for my blog. (Money issues, depends on #12) Header here!
2. Bake breads. -> I did it!
3. Travel somewhere on my own and stay for at least one night.
4. Organize the photos in my computer, and TAKE BACKUPS!
5. Make flavoured vodka (inspired by BirdandFeather).
6. Write a letter to my mum. Done!
7. Spend a weekend in Oslo OR buy a new plant. (Money issues, depends on whether I get a job or not, see #12)
8. Make a home cooked dinner for my roomies. Here is the proof.
9. Read a book.
10. Pass all of my exams.
11. Write Christmas-cards to the people I care for. Done!
12. Get a part time job.
13. Fall in love...?
14. Take more pictures.
15. Decorate my walls with postcards.
16. Order plane tickets to England.
17. Have a theme-party. (I usually don't like themes)
18. Make a book of my favorite quotes. Yey!
19. Make an Oreo Ice cake.
20. Clean out of my closet and give away clothes I don't use.
21. Have a massage. Check!
22. Clean the entire two floors, all of the rooms (except the other bedrooms).
23. Get at least one article or post published in a large newspaper.
24. Organize my playlists in Spotify.
25. Write 5 birthday-cards.

I'm looking forward to this :)