September 10, 2010

My "new" life in a new place

As you probably already know, I have moved.
Now I live here in Sogndal, in the inner end of the Sognefjord:

Vis større kart

I've started my studies for my bachelor in Tourism Management, and so far I like it very much! My class is great, this place is good, and there are alot of things happening, and I want to take part in it all! I've already written one and a half case for the student-newspaper, the first release is in a week, I'm exited!

My class had a trip to Gudvangen and Flåm this week. We stayed at Fretheim hotel for one night, we ate a lot of good food, were on Norsk Villakssenter (The Norwegian Wild Salmon Centre) and was showed around in the Viking Valley (or what is going to be the Viking Valley) in Gudvangen. It was a great trip, too bad is was so short!

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