June 13, 2011

It is summer!

Only two days "delayed", I'm "finally" back home in beautiful Austgulen! "Delayed" and "finally" - because I had troubles leaving Sogndal, I didn't want to go home. I probably like Sogndal more than I thought I did. I probably love the life of a student, and I have made a lot of good friends at that place. The thought of being away from that place and all of the nice people there, made me a bit sad. It was just weird, that everyone left. It was weird to begin packing my room. It was weird thinking that I won't see my friends again in two months!


But hey, two months roll away pretty fast, right?! I have already been in Sogndal for a year (or ten months to be precise)! And those weeks and months has gone too fast! I can still think of a lot of things that happened my first week. I can't believe that in August I will start my SECOND year of my studies. Already!

I came home today. Tavelled with the boat from Sogndal to Lavik, then ferry from Lavik to Oppedal (across the Sognefjord) and then my mum picked me up there. Then we visited my aunt and uncle, and then I had an "interview" (a "non-formally" one) at the hotel nearby.


I'm having my first day at work TOMORROW! :D

I will be working at the hotel, and will be having a lot of different duties :) I'm interested in learning as much as I can, and I will work as much as I can. That way I can earn and save money for a scheduled trip to England, maybe in the beginning of September. Hopefully. This is not for sure, but I really hope I can make it.

So, this is where I will spend my summer ;)


  1. Yay, 2 months of summer, how I wish I could join you at the hotel and work in that beautiful place, what bliss x Monica x

  2. Thanks Mon! This is actually where I live for the summer ;) I'll post pictures from where I work some other day ;)


Thank you very much for your comment! :)