June 22, 2011


I just found out that in order to transfer pictures from my camera to this computer, I have to have a cable. But since I haven't used that cable for years, I can't remember where I might have put it...

So while I'm looking for the cable, here are some pictures inspired from Christine's wedding, of wedding-dresses I could have had for my own wedding... Which is yet far in the future ;)

By ArmoursansAnguish, I like the vintage-look, and I can see it in a farm-wedding...

By idea2lifestyle, I like this one to a beach-wedding, only with white belt instead of black...

By xiaolizi, also for a beach-wedding. It's maybe a bit too simple...?
By TheVintageStudio, only negative thing is that it's pink!

and a bouquet at the end, also in a romantic style:

As you might see, I have a thing for 50's and romantic/lace-style-dresses... But we'll see when time comes ;)

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