August 1, 2011

Norway - we stand together!

Den Blå Stenen, Bergen, July 26/2011.

July 22/2011.
The date Norway never will forget. The date Norway was hit by terror. First time several people were killed intentionally since the World War II.
Medias all over the world were shocked, so were we.
Ever since the terror-attack in Stockholm, Sweden in December 2010 (and shooting-drama in Malmö, Sweden in October 2010), I was hoping that no one would think of Norway as a target. Little peaceful Norway.
But we were wrong. And it was a shock.

77 people were killed. The youngest only fourteen years old! People from all over the country. A lot of families have lost someone, and many have lost their friends. It's a tragedy.

But Norway has surprised a whole world. No one thought this would be the way we would react.

We stand together, we show love. We show humanity and compassion to the ones who have lost someone they love. We stand together, no matter skincoulour or religion. Child and adults, friends and strangers.

It's amazing. It's beautiful.

I just hope it lasts...