September 14, 2011

About time...

It's been five years since I had my last tattoo. And since then, I have been thinking a lot about my next one. What and where? Now I have decided to have a quote at the inside of my left underarm, but I still have some quotes to choose between. I'm pretty sure it will be one of these:

This one is made for me. I am so afraid to let go and love someone completely. Every time I fall in love, I get so scared of being hurt, that I pull myself back. I need to learn to love without fear...

The upper one is free translated something like this: "Nothing is impossible for someone who's positive." - Chinese proverb. The bottom one is not one of the quotes I want to have. I just like it so it is on my wall for inspiration :)

This one has been my favorite since before last Christmas.

Free translated: "Bad things doesn't have any meaning, but it's your challenge finding a meaning to it."
I've experienced some bad things in my life, but I've always tried to find a meaning with everything that happens...

This has become one of my favorites the last couple of weeks. 

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