October 13, 2011

Right now I just wish I could put my life on hold. Or skip a few weeks. Maybe rewind a few weeks, and I would have done things differently.

Right now I suck.

Right now I want things to be done, me to be happy and life to be kind.

I can't point out how much I need a vacation right now, but when I get my grant and loan this week everything goes to rent, bills and to pay down my credit card... I need a job, but I need to focus on my studies. I am doing too much already. Have to cut down on some things. Focus. The weeks should be longer and the number of hours each day should be higher. Or I could just learn to focus, and spend my hours more wisely. I should definitely learn how to prioritize and schedule my things...

Right now I suck. And I'm sick and tired.

Soundtrack of my life right now:
<3 Chill evt. Dagen derpÄ...
- My playlist that I listen to when I want to relax or when I'm full of emotions...
[Picture from Kind Over Matter]

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