November 10, 2011

Massage = Check!

After a lot of stress and tension the last weeks, I decided to go for a massage to loosen up. I know there is someone here in Sogndal that does massages, but I decided to go to Hafslo, about 20 minutes by bus from here. I think it's good to come out from my daily environment sometimes as well, and even though it isn't far, it feels like a small trip anyway. 

The sun was shining today, and I was smiling. I was thinking about how this day is so typical what I like about the fall here in Norway. We wake up every morning, exited to see the weather (is it rain? Snow? Sun?) and to feel how cold it is outside. We put on our warm coats before we get out, but as the sun still feels a bit warm, we open it and enjoy every sunbeem we can get. There is a special charm about the fall.


Every time I go to a massage therapist, I feel like they can see into my soul. They feel my tension, my feelings, my subconscious, and the give me advice. Today she told me I was not nice enough to myself. I shouldn't try to always satisfy other's expectations to me. I should listen to what I need, and what I want to do, and do it more often. I hadn't had the best childhood, I have had some lack of love in my life. But the love I have been missing, I will transmit to others. I have some waste in my body, so I should try to drink a lot more water, and  slow down on the coffee. 

She is absolutely right.

And that's one of the things I like about massages. 

The rest of the day I will be relaxing, reading, listening to classical music, and dream about vacations in South-Africa and Asia.


View from BesteBakken down on Hafslovatnet (Lake of Hafslo).

My list of classical music in Spotify: Leseliste Lesehest

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