November 27, 2011

Right now.

This is what my bed looks like right now:

This has been one of the best Saturdays in a long time. I have practically been living in my bed for all day, reading for my exam, crocheting, listening to music (Sånn ca House + Rebecca & Fiona – I Love You, Man + Souldrop – Prelude EP) and watching Private Practice <3

I listened to my favourite radio show, Christine, at my favourite radio station, for two hours, and she gave me tickets to their Christmas table next Friday!! I'm going to a celebrity party! Oslo, here I definitely come! I'm looking forward!

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  1. Woohooooo, you better not get above yourself hey, what with all those celebraties ;-) (don't know why I don't read your blog more often, it's way more interesting than FB x


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