December 9, 2012

Oooh, letters!

This week's outgoing letters:

For Polona in Slovenia

For Willemijn in the Netherlands and Andy in Belgium

For Tina in Germany

For Willemijn in the Netherlands

For Giulianna in United States, via

For Kat in Germany

Sorry for the bad quality of the photos, seems like my Nikon camera recently died :(

December 5, 2012


One of the letters I recieved on Monday, was with a little gift from Willemijn. In the Netherlands and Belgium they have a tradition with recieving gifts from Sinterklaas on 5th of December. So since I recieved my gift just two days before the tradition, I waited and opened it today :)

Some cards showing the Sinterklaas tradition, my letter and my gift :)

Yey, my letter in chocolate! :D

It was a bit broken after having travelled from the Netherlands, but still tasted heavenly ;)

Yesterday I was in Bergen and I bought a gift for Willemijn as well ;)

The Sinterklaas tradition goes like this:

"Every year Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet (his helper) come all the way from Spain to the Netherlands (and Belgium) by steamboat. This boat is filled with presents, pepernoten and letters made of chocolate. All year long Zwarte Piet has been spying through windows and chimneys to see wether you've been brave or not. Everything he sees, he'll tell to Sinterklaas who'll write it down in his big book. When you've been naughty a lot, you'll have to come to Spain to learn how to behave. When you've been brave, you'll recieve presents. 

Part of this tradition is "schoentje zetten" - putting your shoe near the fireplace or the window and sing a song for Sinterklaas. You've got to do this right before you'll go to sleep. Then, at night, Sinterklaas rides his horse  over all roofs while Swarte Piet climbs down the chimney to fill up your shoe with presents and pepernoten (this is why he got his black colour). And then, at 5th of December, when it's getting dark and everyone is sitting together you might hear some noise. That's Swarte Piet who's bringing a sack full of presents."

(From Willemijn's letter, I hope it's okay I copied it to my blog)

Sounds like a very nice tradition, don't you think?

December 3, 2012

Exam Monday

I had my second exam today for this semester, and I am sure that I have done my worst exam in all of my school history! The tasks were confusing and difficult, and after I read them, I just wanted to go back to bed... But I did my best, but as it seemed when I got home and checked my notes, I missed the point in some of the tasks. So I am very prepared to fail on this exam! My first failed exam ever...

Well, you could say that I was very happy to see these two beauties in my green mailbox then! (I put a picture of my old red postbox in the Postcrossing Facebookpage, and I was convinced that my current mailbox was red as well... So much for paying attention to colors, haha!) I cheered up a lot, and I went right home to read them in bed :) 

From Willemijn in the Netherlands, and Kat in Germany, thanks alot girls! :)
(And my home made mittens that my grandma has knitted for me, my favourites. It is really cold here these days)

November 25, 2012

Winter wishlist

Well, it's less than a month until Christmas Eve, and I guess it's about time for a wishlist... As I don't like to celebrate Christmas, consider this as much a wishlist for my birthday in January.

My Winter Wishes from Etsy

- Stamp with date/month/year, plain black self-inking stamp, something like this:

- Microfiber bath towel
- Washi-tape, preferably from Freckled Fawn
- Postcards, all kinds
- Tea, all kinds (surprise me, only no ginger or cinnamon, please)
- Candles (preferably white/light (cream, light brown and similar) or pink)
- All kinds of stash that comes in handy when travelling/backpacking
- Yarn, merino wool

November 21, 2012

From Russia with love

From Katerina in Russia, via Postcrossing
This must be my all time favourite postcard! I love German Sheperds, and when I had Luna (my dog) I also had a cat like this one on the picture. This card just gave me so many good memories about my pets <3 font="" nbsp="">

Thank you very much, Katerina!

November 13, 2012

Travelling around the world

Postcards that I have recieved lately:

From Wil in the Netherlands (via Postcrossing)

From Tanya in Belarus (via Postcrossing)

From Páwi in Finland (via Postcrossing)

From Sharon in Australia (via Postcrossing)

From Anika in Poland (via Postcrossing)

From Andy, my penpal in Belgium

From Bettina in Germany (via Postcrossing)

I love them all, but I think if I should pick one favourite it will be the one with Heart Reef from Australia <3 p="p">

November 2, 2012

Mail art outgoing

Two of my recently outgoing letters:

For Kat in Germany

For Kendra in United States

October 25, 2012


I went shopping - on Etsy :P

So in a few weeks I will have a storage of labels to use for my letters :)

Now I only miss a date stamp...

Blank kraft labels from kawaii goodies

Woodland Park labels from chickydoddle

Woodland Park labels from chickydoddle

Woodland Park labels from chickydoddle

And I also bought labels with my name on it from TheLollipopLabelShop

I'll post pictures of all of them when they arrive :)

October 24, 2012

My black friend

Twelve days ago I bought myself a guitar. I've been thinking about buying one since I was fifteen or so...

So here it is:

October 3, 2012

Good Mail Day

Today I was very happy to recieve this book in my mailbox! :)
I was so exited I opened the package while sitting on the toilet... Well, after having cleared my desk, I made some envelopes from the inspiration the book gave me.
I will open this book everytime I struggle with letter inspiration, I love it already <3 p="p">

September 28, 2012

On my wishlist

Recently, I've been thinking about a typewriter. My very own typewriter.
Imagine how nice letters I could write on one of these...

September 18, 2012

Postcard view

My postcard wall keeps growing, and I adore it! :) I'm so satisfied with it so far, and I know it will keep on growing and I think it's so exiting!

Yeah, I'm a postcard-nerd ;)

September 16, 2012

Retro dream

At the moment I am dreaming about a small white old house in the forest, with a small lake next to it. A large garden with apple trees and chickens running around.

A room for all of my books,
a room for my hobbies; sewing and paperstuff,
a room for living,
a room for cooking,
a room for relaxing (also known as a bathroom).

Textile furnitures in red and yellow, and wooden furnitures in white and brown...

May 16, 2012

In the Fjords of Norway lies secrets no one would dream of

Yesterday I was with a group of colleagues to a place called Finnabotn, in Vik municipality by the Sognefjord. The mountains build up from the water, and stand there very majestic looking down at us. The only way to get here is by boat. There are no cars or roads here.

May 14, 2012


I can't explain why, but I really wish for one of these:


May 12, 2012


What a great day!

8 hours at work. I was told that I am doing good, and I talked to a Norwegian famous guy (famous just inside of Norway, but still).
2 hours of walking in the forest/mountain. It was wonderful to listen to the trees and birds, smell the woods and just walk...
A healthy and tasty dinner: Salmon with broccoli and couscous and a little hint of mustard and mixed pepper.
And now: Just relaxing in front of the computer.

May 6, 2012


The calendar says May, but I think someone changed May for January...

May 6th, 5.45 in the morning:

And last week I wore my bikini and walked barefoot in the grass...
Welcome to Norway!

April 30, 2012

Self-esteem boost

It's Monday and I could use a bit of a self-esteem boost. Therefore, I want to write ten things about myself that I like. It should help on a rough day :)

     1. I like my legs, they are very "girlish".
     2. I have a pretty smile.
     3. I am a good listener.
     4. I have many nice dreams/goals about the future.
     5. I always focus on the best in other people.

(long thinking pause...)

     6. I like my hands and feet, they aren't too big.
     7. My eyes are pretty.

(thinking pause again...)

     8. I am outgoing and social.
     9. I laugh a lot.
     10. I try to show my friends that I care about them.

Wow, this was much harder than I though. But now I can go out and meet the world, Have a wonderful Monday! :)

April 22, 2012

Recieved lately:

Nice envelopes:


(This one must be one of my favorites)

And a parcel from Belgium! A real surprise and I was very happy to recieve it. And it inspired me to send out some surprises myself ;)