February 27, 2012


Good morning :)

I thought about blogging all weekend, but somehow I didn't write anything after all. But I took some pictures I want to share :)

Saturday I recieved my "envelope stencil template", from rikyandnina, one of my recently discovered favourite Etsy shops. So after I got home from school (I picked up the mail on my way to school, and yes, I was at school - even though it's Saturday), I sat down and started to make envelopes right away :)

And yesterday I continued making.

And now, after 1,5 hours of working out in the gym, I only want to make more. I think I got addicted :) But I really have to have a shower and get to school. I don't have any classes all week, but I still have things to do. And right now I even look a bit forward to it. I will also have to write some job applications.

[Me on my way to school yesterday]

[My school]

Yesterday it was sunny, today it is snowing.

[Some view from my bedroom window]

Have a nice Monday, where ever you are! :)

February 3, 2012

What a day!


What a day full of feelings!

I am too tired to describe all of my day, but here are some keywords:
- Commitment
- Headache
- Educational at a tourism conference
- Groundbreaking + bravery
- Self-realizing
- Unique (Western) Norwegian landscape: Fjords and mountains
- Tears! :'(
- A warm sad/good/sad hug and goodbye
- Friendship/acquaintances
- Smiles
- Longing
- Personal encourage
- Thoughts
- Menstruating pain (this is not usually something I complain about, but -MAN- it hurts!)

And on top of that, I just discovered this! <3

Good night! <3

My favourite song at the moment: