March 25, 2012

Sun at my windows

This weekend has been great so far.

I love it in spring when the sun gets warmer and stays longer every day, that makes me happy. (Until all of a sudden there comes rain or even snow to drag me back down again...)

Friday I went to Førde, about two hours from Sogndal, because I was going to two meetings.

A bit more fancy lunch that I'm used to as a student.

I like this last picture a lot. Some of the beautiful nature we have here in the west of Norway :)


Today I was supposed to do four things:
1. Write my CV
2. Write a job application
3. Write a post for the local newspaper
4. Write a letter to Katharina in Germany

But so far I have done:
1. Started writing on my CV
2. Spent way too much time looking for earrings at Etsy
3. Got an sms with a reminder that I should translate some song lyrics for a quiz tomorrow
4. Just messing around... Eating, drinking some tea, checking out the program for a festival this summer...


  1. That second picture is stunning! Is this something you get to see every day?

    1. Not exactly this scenery, but something similar. I live in between the fjords and mountains in the west of Norway, with many beautiful landscapes :)


Thank you very much for your comment! :)