November 25, 2012

Winter wishlist

Well, it's less than a month until Christmas Eve, and I guess it's about time for a wishlist... As I don't like to celebrate Christmas, consider this as much a wishlist for my birthday in January.

My Winter Wishes from Etsy

- Stamp with date/month/year, plain black self-inking stamp, something like this:

- Microfiber bath towel
- Washi-tape, preferably from Freckled Fawn
- Postcards, all kinds
- Tea, all kinds (surprise me, only no ginger or cinnamon, please)
- Candles (preferably white/light (cream, light brown and similar) or pink)
- All kinds of stash that comes in handy when travelling/backpacking
- Yarn, merino wool

November 21, 2012

From Russia with love

From Katerina in Russia, via Postcrossing
This must be my all time favourite postcard! I love German Sheperds, and when I had Luna (my dog) I also had a cat like this one on the picture. This card just gave me so many good memories about my pets <3 font="" nbsp="">

Thank you very much, Katerina!

November 13, 2012

Travelling around the world

Postcards that I have recieved lately:

From Wil in the Netherlands (via Postcrossing)

From Tanya in Belarus (via Postcrossing)

From Páwi in Finland (via Postcrossing)

From Sharon in Australia (via Postcrossing)

From Anika in Poland (via Postcrossing)

From Andy, my penpal in Belgium

From Bettina in Germany (via Postcrossing)

I love them all, but I think if I should pick one favourite it will be the one with Heart Reef from Australia <3 p="p">

November 2, 2012

Mail art outgoing

Two of my recently outgoing letters:

For Kat in Germany

For Kendra in United States