December 5, 2012


One of the letters I recieved on Monday, was with a little gift from Willemijn. In the Netherlands and Belgium they have a tradition with recieving gifts from Sinterklaas on 5th of December. So since I recieved my gift just two days before the tradition, I waited and opened it today :)

Some cards showing the Sinterklaas tradition, my letter and my gift :)

Yey, my letter in chocolate! :D

It was a bit broken after having travelled from the Netherlands, but still tasted heavenly ;)

Yesterday I was in Bergen and I bought a gift for Willemijn as well ;)

The Sinterklaas tradition goes like this:

"Every year Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet (his helper) come all the way from Spain to the Netherlands (and Belgium) by steamboat. This boat is filled with presents, pepernoten and letters made of chocolate. All year long Zwarte Piet has been spying through windows and chimneys to see wether you've been brave or not. Everything he sees, he'll tell to Sinterklaas who'll write it down in his big book. When you've been naughty a lot, you'll have to come to Spain to learn how to behave. When you've been brave, you'll recieve presents. 

Part of this tradition is "schoentje zetten" - putting your shoe near the fireplace or the window and sing a song for Sinterklaas. You've got to do this right before you'll go to sleep. Then, at night, Sinterklaas rides his horse  over all roofs while Swarte Piet climbs down the chimney to fill up your shoe with presents and pepernoten (this is why he got his black colour). And then, at 5th of December, when it's getting dark and everyone is sitting together you might hear some noise. That's Swarte Piet who's bringing a sack full of presents."

(From Willemijn's letter, I hope it's okay I copied it to my blog)

Sounds like a very nice tradition, don't you think?


  1. Hahha it's a good thing you've enjoyed it :-) enjoy your chocolate!!

    1. I still have some left, saving it to whenever I feel like having something really good ;) It is soooo good ;) Thank you very much :D


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