January 31, 2013

Picture Panic

I had a moment of panic earlier, because I could not find a picture here on my blog of one outgoing for someone in sendsomething
So I believed that maybe I didn't send it. 
And I tried to think what it looked like (the envelope that I should send), and what I was sending, and where I might have put it, and how I could forget it...

And then I realized I only put the picture on Instagram!

But here it is:

Outgoing parcel for miss Christine (one of my best friends who live in Bergen), a small parcel for Willemijn in the Netherlands, three postcards via PostCrossing, and a "see through" bag for LR McArthur in the USA via sendsomething.

And I made some envelopes today, instead of going to school... Mostly smaller ones, that I use for teabags and stamps for penpals and swaps. I think they turned out pretty well :-)

What do you think? 

Tomorrow I'll be going to Austgulen, which really is one of the tinyest places to live here in this country (I think even in the whole world!). My mum lives there, but she's on vacation so I'm borrowing her house (and maybe the sweing machine as well) for the weekend. I'm looking forward :-) Will spend my time reading, knitting, watch tv and write letters. 

Have a nice weekend to all of my readers :-) 

January 30, 2013

Warm Wednesday

It's 3,0 degrees Celcius right now (was 3,7 C less than two hours ago), so it's alot warmer than it has been. With temperatures up (down?) to -12 Celsius, my fingers almost froze... But now, I'm too warm when I walk outside :P 

Anyway, what a lovely day for snail mail, isn't it? ;)


A postcard for Claudia in Spain (private swap arranged via Instagram), and letters for Monica Beate in Norway and Anna who recently moved from Germany to the big USA.

Back of the envelopes.


Four pieces of mail in my mailbox today :D
And because I'm not feeling to well, I bought myself some strawberries (from Spain) and some snacks (the Coca-Cola was already in my fridge), feeling a bit sorry for myself...

In the first box I opened was my new foundation that I ordered from ELF

In the next box, a christmas present for one of my best friends. Yes, I am a bit slow with presents, but hey, it's a lot more fun with x-mas presents this time of year, instead of getting them all at the same time ;)

A lovely parcel from Kat in Germany containing a birthday card, tea, chocolate and a long letter :)

A long (11,5 A4 pages, hell yeah!) letter from Anett, who also moved from Germany (what it is with Germany that makes people move), to France.

And because my birthday was this Monday, I'm throwing in a picture of some birthday presents from my friends here in Sogndal :)

And my surprise dessert on the restaurant we were having dinner at :)

And, last picture, from the weather the night before my birthday. It was snowing when I went (really late) to bed, and it was more than ten cm of snow when I woke up. The picture doesn't show so well :/

I also, finally, found a new camera that I want (seems like my old camera has let me down for good...), but it isn't available in Norway until some time in February (or was it March? No, I think it was February). Until then, you are stuck with bad quality smart phone pictures...

One cup = Addicted

I recieved one bag of this tea via sendsomething, and now it seems that I have some weird addiction to it. Because everytime I smell the remaining packaging, I just NEED to have a cup of it! BUT, the problem is, I can't find it anywhere! So PLEASE, someone, tell me WHERE I can buy this fantastic tea??

(Picture borrowed from here)


January 24, 2013

Going in, coming out

I haven't been writing much after I came home from one month of vacation, so my outgoing is a bit empty these days (as so are my incoming. You don't write, you don't get mail...) :/

While uploading this, I'm drinking the strawberry and caramel tea that I recieved via sendsomething, as showed in my previous post. It's very delicious ;)


For Eva in Germany, via sendsomething

For my pal Andy in Belgium


I recieved a really cool calendar from my pal Andy in Belgium :D

All of the images, month by month, sooo cool! :D

A really cute postcard from Ling in China, via Postcrossing

Two bags of tea and seven (7!!) amazing postcards of my favourite dog, German Shepherd! I thought I was going to cry when I saw them, and I just love them! Thank you very much Aline in Belgium! Via sendsomething

And when I was in Bergen this weekend (my hometown, 300 km from Sogndal, where I live), I visited one of my best friends who had a Christmas/birthday present for me with a lot of goodies stashed in it ;) Maybe I'll take pictures from that one as well, later.

(Man, I need a new camera...)

Have a nice weekend (a bit early when it's only Thursday still?) :)

January 17, 2013

One month of vacation

One month of vacation, and here is what I recieved:

From Eeva in Finland (via Postcrossing)

 From Beatriz in Spain (via Postcrossing)

From Hans-Werner in Germany (via Postcrossing)

From Ellen in the Netherlands (via Postcrossing)

 From Charlene in the USA (via Postcrossing)

From Paola in Italy (via Postcrossing)

From Elena in Russia (via Postcrossing)

From Eva in Germany (via sendsomething.net)

 From L.R. in the USA (via sendsomething.net)

Thank you very much, each and every one of you :-)
I'll be sending something back to those who send via sendsomething, so check your mailbox!