January 31, 2013

Picture Panic

I had a moment of panic earlier, because I could not find a picture here on my blog of one outgoing for someone in sendsomething
So I believed that maybe I didn't send it. 
And I tried to think what it looked like (the envelope that I should send), and what I was sending, and where I might have put it, and how I could forget it...

And then I realized I only put the picture on Instagram!

But here it is:

Outgoing parcel for miss Christine (one of my best friends who live in Bergen), a small parcel for Willemijn in the Netherlands, three postcards via PostCrossing, and a "see through" bag for LR McArthur in the USA via sendsomething.

And I made some envelopes today, instead of going to school... Mostly smaller ones, that I use for teabags and stamps for penpals and swaps. I think they turned out pretty well :-)

What do you think? 

Tomorrow I'll be going to Austgulen, which really is one of the tinyest places to live here in this country (I think even in the whole world!). My mum lives there, but she's on vacation so I'm borrowing her house (and maybe the sweing machine as well) for the weekend. I'm looking forward :-) Will spend my time reading, knitting, watch tv and write letters. 

Have a nice weekend to all of my readers :-) 


  1. It sounds like you have a very nice relaxing weekend planned. Also, you sure did make a lot of envelopes. They are cute too.

  2. Enjoy the weekend !!! Btw, LR from the US is my penpal, a really lovely lady ! :) I will be writing this weekend too, I'm soooooooooo behind !

    1. Hey, I didn't know, that's cool :) I hope she likes what I sent her.
      I'm looking forward to hear from you again, it's been a while. But I totally get the situation with the new job ;)
      Enjoy your weekend too :)


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