February 27, 2013

Busy day

Yes, still busy.

I've been to the "career centre" for some guidance on my application and I am very motivated to finish it up and send it.

And while I was out already, I dropped by to check my mailbox, ka'ching:

Letters from Ingrid in the Netherlands and Anna in the US

And well, I'm working on a new blog over at Wordpress, but I'm kind of fed up with the adresses I want to use - they are either taken or in use by someone who has only the "test-post" from years ago. So I have to put that on hold for a while. I have to get a new camera as well.

To be continued...

Postcards for swapping

Oh, and I forgot. 

I know a lof of guys like these Troll postcards. And I have a few for swapping. If you are interested, let me know what you have to offer in return :)

43 Fl├ąten, 1 card

38 Fluefiske, 1 card

186 Trollfjell, 3 cards

Eventyrstund, 2 cards

I also have one that is named "37 Elgfamilien" that I don't have a picture of.

So much to do, so little time

Last week there was a festival for here in Sogndal. And I was out or working volunteerly almost every day. Met a bunch of nice people and had loads of great concert experiences :)

But when the festival was over, I had to start with all the school work that had been put on hold and been piling up. And I also have a job application that I have to finish up today. 

Anyway, I haven't been writing or sending much lately. I sent two envelopes for my first swap on swap-bot last week, but I was rushing out the door to reach to the post office before the deadline for outgoing mail that day and so I forgot to take pictures of them...

Anyway, here's a few pictures of my incoming lately:

A letter from Polona in Slovenia, and a date stamp that I bought on eBay. Plus some low value stamps that I bought the same day.

An envelope filled with some smaller envelopes, some shopping list paper and a postcard from LR McArthur in the US. Via sendsomething.

Magazine article and tea swap via swap-bot, from Stephanie in the UK. Thank you very much :)

Magazine article and tea swap via swap-bot, from Heather in the US. Thank you very much :)

And I also have to show you this tea box that I bought the other day from someone who didn't want it anymore. I've been looking for a box like this for a while now, but I've been kind of picky with how it should be, but I really like this one. I got it for only 100 Norwegian Kroner (that'll be about 17,50 USD / 11,60 GBP / 13,4 EUR), a catch I would say ;)

Well now, back to my school work and job application!

Hope you have a nice day :)

February 5, 2013

The daily mail

Todays incoming mail was some washi samples that I bought on Etsy, a postcard from my mum who is on vacation in Gran Canaria, a German Shepherd (my favourite!!!) postcard from my pal Andy in Belgium, and a letter with goodies from my pal Willemijn in the Netherlands! A very good mail day, thank you very much! :-D

Now I'm off to bed with a fantasy book that I'm borrowing from one of my best friends. Sleep tight, and have a good mail day tomorrow! ;-)

Some paper pictures

Some outgoing from last week that I forgot to post:
Two postcards via sendsomething, a private swap via Postcrossing, and something in return for Aline who sent me the beautiful German Shepherd postcards, also via sendsomething.

Todays outgoing:
For Florence in the USA (new penpal through Instagram), for Veronica in Bergen, for Anita in Oslo and for Ingrid in the Netherlands (also new penpal).

And back.

And a picture of me that I took yesterday :-P