March 29, 2013

Spring time in Norway

It has been sunny for more than a week now, but I have been too lazy to get out for some days now. But today I kicked myself behind and got out! Yey! And I even took some pictures that I want to share with you. So that you can see where I live and what it looks like here :)

It's supposed to be a river under here...
Did anyone say spring is here?

The town of Sogndal.

I live in the basement apartment of the house under the arrow.
(Yeah, I know, the arrow is a bit hard to see, but if you click
on the picture you will see a larger version.)

Campus and my school is by the football (soccer for you
Americans) field and to the left of it.

Half of the fjord is still covered with ice...

Yeah, it was really good to come outside!

So, I hope you liked to see some Norwegian nature in change for all the mail pictures :)


I have two unopened still in plastic Diddl letter pads in A5 size. I want to swap them with other unopened letter pads. If you are interested in swapping with me send me an email:

March 28, 2013


Those of you who visit my blog sometimes, might discover a few changes. One thing I discovered today, is to keep things simple. So this is what I'll try to do from now on - keep things simple. That means everything from my blog to my thoughts. It's a challenge for a girl like me, with a lot of thoughts, dreams, plans projects...

Yeah, well. I'm sort of dealing with this kind of list that I am not sure wether I should publish on my blog. I'm not anywhere near being halfway done with it yet, but I guess I'll publish it sometime. Anyway, here are two "lists" in the meantime. I usually enclose these to my letters (or at least "at the moment", I didn't have the other one until today). Enjoy :)

And yes, I will buy a real camera whenever I can afford it. I'm sorry for the bad quality, but as for now I only have my phone :( And my money issues are way too poor as they are...

Hope you are doing well :)


EDIT: Both of the lists are bought from Snailmail Shop, Etsy.

- And of course, "crisby" should be "crisPy", I just made up a new word to see if anyone payed attention to what I wrote :P 

March 27, 2013


I like postcards. I am always happy to see one in my mailbox.

Most of the cards I put on my wall (as I know I will be moving in May/June I don't put more up on the wall yet), and I plan to frame my favourites in my next apartment.

I like all of the different cards that I recieve, but some postcards I like more than others. These four are the ones I like the most. These are on the wall above my desk where I usually craft my envelopes.

Do you have a favourite postcard? Or several? I'd like to see them :)

March 26, 2013

Tea for all!

Yesterday I posted what I sent. And here is what I have recieved lately (still waiting for some swaps, and a first letter from Finland that is somewhere in the postal system, she sent it weeeeeeks ago... Hope it's not lost forever!)

Postcard from my pal Polona in Slovenia,
who travelled in Australia this winter.

A private tea swap from Francesca in Italy.
I recieved so much more tea than I expected,
and it was so many flavours that I haven't tried
before. I was so happy when I opened this!
Have only tried one flavour so far, the big red
loose tea on the left, from Brazil.

If anyone is interested in private swaps with me, I swap tea, chocolate, letter sheets/pads (I have to unopened still in planstic Diddl A5 pads that I'm eager to swap), postcards, uhm, probably more also, I just can't remember more at the moment :P

March 25, 2013

1 - 2 - 3 - Sent!

I managed to write three letters during this weekend. That is good to be me now while studying. I have been thinking recently that one of the things I look forward to with finishing my studies and moving in May/June, is that I will have more time for letters :) If the case is that I'll find a flat where I don't have to share ofcourse, which I really hope! I also hope a job will show up soon...

Anyway, the letters I wrote:

To my pal Polona.

To my pal Anna.

To my pal Ingrid.

It has been sunny here lately, and I really like it :) But as I live at the "wrong side" of the valley, I don't get too much sun. So I had a walk down to the town today, to post my letters and check my mailbox. 

I also was at the grocery store (bought milk and stuff) and met a girl in my class that I talked with for a while :)

The other stuff I posted while at the post office:

Via Postcrossing to Turkey.

Via Postcrossing to USA.

And two teaswaps I sent out via Swap-bot.

March 22, 2013

Host-virgin / join my postcard swap

Wow, I'm hosting!! :D 

This is my first time hosting a swap at Swap-bot, and I really hope some people will join it. Please do!

Click HERE to see and join the swap.

Hope to see you there :)


I was in the postoffice checking my mailbox today, and I had recieved my order from Janetstore! So now I'm ready to write a lot of letters this week! :D

I also recieved a postcard but I forgot to take a picture of it, so I'll post that later on.

March 21, 2013

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Post #100

Wow, this is my post #100 on my blog!

I should celebrate, shouldn't I? ;)

Well for now, I'll post some pictures while I'm thinking of a way to celebrate ;)

Recieved this week:

Letters from Florence in the US and Anett in France, and a postcard via Swapbot.

A really lovely postcard from Russia via Postcrossing.

Postcard from Belgium via Swapbot, I love this one!

Sent this week:

Letter for Willemijn in the Netherlands.

Uhm, I can't really remember who this card is for... :P

Letter for Coutney in the USA (new pal).

I'm really busy with school these days, so I haven't been swapping or writing too much. But next week I have no school and no other plans than maybe writing a few job applications and write letters :)

I've also been thinking about hosting a "give-away" soon :)

March 19, 2013

A moment of happiness

Remember this one?

Tea swap for Francesca via Swapbot.

Now she has recieved it, and I'll show you guys what I sent her :)

A short letter, an "at the moment"-sheet that I filled out and two blanks for her, some labels and stickers, a paper bow that I made, and three "wrappings" og tea.

And here is was she wrote me in her rating:
Some people just have a gift... and you are one of them! Your package is one of the cutest parcels I've ever received, so wonderfully decorated, I can truly feel the time and effort you put into making it! As I wrote in my package (I mailed it yesterday late afternoon), I'm the least crafty person in the world, and now I'm feeling a little bit ashamed of my poor envelope and notecard: I hope the rest will make up for that! Thanks again, I'll definitely keep your gorgeous box and use it for my most special teas :-)
Can you imagine that putting a smile on my face? It absolutely did! :)

March 14, 2013

Slow like the snail

Yup, that's me. Feeling ill these days, so thing's are not going too fast, in any parts of my life...

But I managed to send out something few days ago :)

One letter and two postcards :)

The letter is for my pal Kat in Germany.

Postcard via Postcrossing for Eugenia in Belarus.

Postcard for my pal Andy in Belgium.

And some outgoing I made ready today, that will be going out tomorrow if I feel well enought to go somewhere. If not, they are going out Friday.

Ready to be sent.

A private tea swap for Francesca in Italy, via Swapbot.

The back/bottom.

A writing paper swap for julia in USA, via Swapbot.

(I'll show you what's inside the swaps when they've reached their destinations safe)

I hope they all will reach their destinations in good conditions and to happy recievers :)

March 8, 2013

Washi goodies

It hasn't been much writing for me lately, but I have one letter almost ready to send out. I'll post a picture as soon as I have it ready :)

Instead I have tried to do stuff for my bachelos thesis, and been surfing around in Etsy stores...

And I just LOVE this store!

Just look at some of the really beautiful stuff they've got! Here are some of my favourites: