March 25, 2013

1 - 2 - 3 - Sent!

I managed to write three letters during this weekend. That is good to be me now while studying. I have been thinking recently that one of the things I look forward to with finishing my studies and moving in May/June, is that I will have more time for letters :) If the case is that I'll find a flat where I don't have to share ofcourse, which I really hope! I also hope a job will show up soon...

Anyway, the letters I wrote:

To my pal Polona.

To my pal Anna.

To my pal Ingrid.

It has been sunny here lately, and I really like it :) But as I live at the "wrong side" of the valley, I don't get too much sun. So I had a walk down to the town today, to post my letters and check my mailbox. 

I also was at the grocery store (bought milk and stuff) and met a girl in my class that I talked with for a while :)

The other stuff I posted while at the post office:

Via Postcrossing to Turkey.

Via Postcrossing to USA.

And two teaswaps I sent out via Swap-bot.

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