March 19, 2013

A moment of happiness

Remember this one?

Tea swap for Francesca via Swapbot.

Now she has recieved it, and I'll show you guys what I sent her :)

A short letter, an "at the moment"-sheet that I filled out and two blanks for her, some labels and stickers, a paper bow that I made, and three "wrappings" og tea.

And here is was she wrote me in her rating:
Some people just have a gift... and you are one of them! Your package is one of the cutest parcels I've ever received, so wonderfully decorated, I can truly feel the time and effort you put into making it! As I wrote in my package (I mailed it yesterday late afternoon), I'm the least crafty person in the world, and now I'm feeling a little bit ashamed of my poor envelope and notecard: I hope the rest will make up for that! Thanks again, I'll definitely keep your gorgeous box and use it for my most special teas :-)
Can you imagine that putting a smile on my face? It absolutely did! :)

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