March 27, 2013


I like postcards. I am always happy to see one in my mailbox.

Most of the cards I put on my wall (as I know I will be moving in May/June I don't put more up on the wall yet), and I plan to frame my favourites in my next apartment.

I like all of the different cards that I recieve, but some postcards I like more than others. These four are the ones I like the most. These are on the wall above my desk where I usually craft my envelopes.

Do you have a favourite postcard? Or several? I'd like to see them :)


  1. I have lots of favorites and they're all in different categories.

  2. My favourite postcards go from creepy to colourful and cute. I do have a thing for anime/manga related cards.


Thank you very much for your comment! :)