March 21, 2013

Post #100

Wow, this is my post #100 on my blog!

I should celebrate, shouldn't I? ;)

Well for now, I'll post some pictures while I'm thinking of a way to celebrate ;)

Recieved this week:

Letters from Florence in the US and Anett in France, and a postcard via Swapbot.

A really lovely postcard from Russia via Postcrossing.

Postcard from Belgium via Swapbot, I love this one!

Sent this week:

Letter for Willemijn in the Netherlands.

Uhm, I can't really remember who this card is for... :P

Letter for Coutney in the USA (new pal).

I'm really busy with school these days, so I haven't been swapping or writing too much. But next week I have no school and no other plans than maybe writing a few job applications and write letters :)

I've also been thinking about hosting a "give-away" soon :)

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