March 28, 2013


Those of you who visit my blog sometimes, might discover a few changes. One thing I discovered today, is to keep things simple. So this is what I'll try to do from now on - keep things simple. That means everything from my blog to my thoughts. It's a challenge for a girl like me, with a lot of thoughts, dreams, plans projects...

Yeah, well. I'm sort of dealing with this kind of list that I am not sure wether I should publish on my blog. I'm not anywhere near being halfway done with it yet, but I guess I'll publish it sometime. Anyway, here are two "lists" in the meantime. I usually enclose these to my letters (or at least "at the moment", I didn't have the other one until today). Enjoy :)

And yes, I will buy a real camera whenever I can afford it. I'm sorry for the bad quality, but as for now I only have my phone :( And my money issues are way too poor as they are...

Hope you are doing well :)


EDIT: Both of the lists are bought from Snailmail Shop, Etsy.

- And of course, "crisby" should be "crisPy", I just made up a new word to see if anyone payed attention to what I wrote :P 


  1. Oh, I love those lists. Where did you get them? Those are really cool.

    1. Both of these I have bought from Snailmail Shop on Etsy, here:

      I also love lists like these :)

  2. I love that last's cute! Is it from ankepanke? :)


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