March 26, 2013

Tea for all!

Yesterday I posted what I sent. And here is what I have recieved lately (still waiting for some swaps, and a first letter from Finland that is somewhere in the postal system, she sent it weeeeeeks ago... Hope it's not lost forever!)

Postcard from my pal Polona in Slovenia,
who travelled in Australia this winter.

A private tea swap from Francesca in Italy.
I recieved so much more tea than I expected,
and it was so many flavours that I haven't tried
before. I was so happy when I opened this!
Have only tried one flavour so far, the big red
loose tea on the left, from Brazil.

If anyone is interested in private swaps with me, I swap tea, chocolate, letter sheets/pads (I have to unopened still in planstic Diddl A5 pads that I'm eager to swap), postcards, uhm, probably more also, I just can't remember more at the moment :P

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