April 29, 2013

Another Monday post

Here's some incoming and outgoing from today:

For my pal Anett :)

For my BFF Christine, in my hometown Bergen :D

From Chile via Swapbot

From Brazil via Swapbot

Monday again?

Where do all these weeks fly off? It feels like it was Monday just yesterday... Yeah well. I'm not updating much these weeks because of my exams (first in one week, and next one in four weeks, and then Bachelor thesis hand in in between), but here are an update on incoming that I picked up Thursday (I'm not picking up my mail regularly either these days):

From Germany via Postcrossing

From Lithuania via Swapbot

From Indonesia via Swapbot

From USA via Swapbot

Letter from my pal Anna in the US :)

From Indonesia via Sendsomething

Letter from my pal Courtney in the US :)

Thanks all :)

April 22, 2013

Back to Monday

It's Monday again, and I'm back in Sogndal. I spent the weekend in (and right outside of) Bergen. I picked up my mail on my way to the bus, and here is what I got Thursday:

Writing paper swap via Swapbot from the Netherlands.

A postcrossing postcard from the Netherlands.
I hope I get to see the Dutch windmills for real some day :)

A postcard from my pal andy in Belgium.
I would love to go on a picnic.
Thanks, Andy :)

A postcrossing postcard from Spain.

From New Zealand via Swapbot.
I watched "The Hobbit: An unexpected journey" for the
second time just few days before I got this card,
and it was filmed in NZ :)

From the Philippines via Swapbot.

A "thank you for the swap" (via Swapbot) from the USA.
This was such a nice surprice! :)

A swap via Swapbot from Canada.
I loved this one, she put so much effort in this.
She even made a fabric postcard for me :)

I did a tiny shopping this time (I'm on a budget).
Some patterned paper to make envelopes,
two rubber stamps (I'm giving one of them away, and
I can't decide wether to keep the other one), and three cups
for my tea and coffe :)

And a comic book to make envelopes out of.

And here is a picture of me and my friend Eline, on the train to Voss from Bergen. Usually we take the bus all the way, but the road was closed because of some big rocks had fallen down to the road.

Yeay, back to the Bachelor thesis then.

Have a great Monday :)

April 18, 2013

Mobile update

Hi from Bergen :)
Today I have spent hours on bus and train from Sogndal to Bergen, and now I'm at my father's place.
I've been too busy with school lately to update or read any blogs, but here is what I've sent recently. Postcards and tea via Swapbot, and a small birthday surprice for my pal Kat. Her birthday is today, so if you read this Kat, Happy Birthday to you! :D
Also, I picked up some really nice mail before I left this morning, but I haven't taken pictures yet.
Have a nice weekend, all! :)

April 10, 2013

I LOVE this mail day!!

Today was an absolutely great mail day! I loved (almost) everything I got :)

4 envelopes + 7 postcards

From a new penpal in the Netherlands.
I love how she put my name on it :)

She sent a lot of goodies along with the letter.

A swap via Swapbot.

I didn't like the Christmas card (in April??) and I don't like ginger tea, but it was okay as it was a "sender's choice" swap.

Private writing paper swap from USA, via Swapbot.

I loved everything she sent :)
(The twine was wrapped around the paper.)

A longed for letter from one of my best friends in my hometown Bergen :)

A black&white postcard from Germany, via Swapbot.
(I really like black&white photos!)

From Canada, via Swapbot.
(I have a "thing" for postcards with text on them these days.)

A wolf from USA, via Swapbot. I like this one!

From North Carolina, USA, via Swapbot. I like this one too!

A German Shepherd from Germany, via Postcrossing.
The text on the back was written in German, and I could understand everything except for one word, I was so impressed by myself :D
Love this one!

From Finland, vis Postcrossing. 
A black&white postcard with a German Sherpherd, can it be any better?? I don't think so. I absolutely LOVE this one!

From USA, via Swapbot.
The map nerd in me LOVE this one too! ;)

And two of the postcards even had dog postage stamps, cute :)

So today was absolutely a great mail day! Gave me a lot of joy in an otherwise boring week :) Now I can go on with my bachelor thesis writing tomorrow with a good feeling.

Did you have a great mail day lately?

April 8, 2013


I'm late with this post (according to my own schedule). I'm busy studying these days, with my Bachelor thesis and reading for exams. So there will be a bit quiet here the next few months, sorry about that. But life comes first, always.

Anyways, here are some pictures:

My desk looked like mess last week, so I organized everything and it was sooo nice. And today (the bottom picture) I'm studying at home, trying to make some swaps ready to go out as well. (That's my incoming on the right there, and some outgoing postcards on my pile of books.)

A postcard from Poland, via Postcrossing.

A really bad picture of the stamp.

Tea swap, recieved from Finland.

Private tea swap, also from Finland. I love how she put the tea bags into small envelopes. I also do that sometimes :)

Writing paper swap from Sweden, with extra goodies.

Writing paper swap from the US.

Writing paper swap from Lithuania, with an extra postcard :)

And ofcourse, I had to try out one of the Moomin teas, because I've been wanting to try them for a really long time now, but I haven't had the chance. So I was really happy to recieve so many Moomin teas this week! :)

Now, back to school...

April 5, 2013

A whole new world

A whole new world has opened for me after I joined Bloglovin'. Now I follow all kinds of blogs, and I have an overview on what I have read and not. And I'm doing better at commenting blogs as well (I have been really bad at commenting before).

Today I discovered this:

Screenshot from HERE.

Isn't this just the coolest "accessoirize" (or hth it is spelled...) you have seen for a computer?? I think it is! It is possible to buy from HERE. I wouldn't spend my money on this at this time, being a student and all. Being a really extremely poor student, I mean. But for those of you who have a few dollars to spare :)

Pictures of todays incoming mail are coming soon :)

April 4, 2013

What's up China?

How come that postcards I send to China are the only ones that gets expired??

Anyone else experienced this? All of my other postcards get to their adresses. Maybe I'll send new ones soon and PRINT the adresses instead of writing them by hand... (I do that sometimes, can't remember if I did it on these).