April 22, 2013

Back to Monday

It's Monday again, and I'm back in Sogndal. I spent the weekend in (and right outside of) Bergen. I picked up my mail on my way to the bus, and here is what I got Thursday:

Writing paper swap via Swapbot from the Netherlands.

A postcrossing postcard from the Netherlands.
I hope I get to see the Dutch windmills for real some day :)

A postcard from my pal andy in Belgium.
I would love to go on a picnic.
Thanks, Andy :)

A postcrossing postcard from Spain.

From New Zealand via Swapbot.
I watched "The Hobbit: An unexpected journey" for the
second time just few days before I got this card,
and it was filmed in NZ :)

From the Philippines via Swapbot.

A "thank you for the swap" (via Swapbot) from the USA.
This was such a nice surprice! :)

A swap via Swapbot from Canada.
I loved this one, she put so much effort in this.
She even made a fabric postcard for me :)

I did a tiny shopping this time (I'm on a budget).
Some patterned paper to make envelopes,
two rubber stamps (I'm giving one of them away, and
I can't decide wether to keep the other one), and three cups
for my tea and coffe :)

And a comic book to make envelopes out of.

And here is a picture of me and my friend Eline, on the train to Voss from Bergen. Usually we take the bus all the way, but the road was closed because of some big rocks had fallen down to the road.

Yeay, back to the Bachelor thesis then.

Have a great Monday :)

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