April 10, 2013

I LOVE this mail day!!

Today was an absolutely great mail day! I loved (almost) everything I got :)

4 envelopes + 7 postcards

From a new penpal in the Netherlands.
I love how she put my name on it :)

She sent a lot of goodies along with the letter.

A swap via Swapbot.

I didn't like the Christmas card (in April??) and I don't like ginger tea, but it was okay as it was a "sender's choice" swap.

Private writing paper swap from USA, via Swapbot.

I loved everything she sent :)
(The twine was wrapped around the paper.)

A longed for letter from one of my best friends in my hometown Bergen :)

A black&white postcard from Germany, via Swapbot.
(I really like black&white photos!)

From Canada, via Swapbot.
(I have a "thing" for postcards with text on them these days.)

A wolf from USA, via Swapbot. I like this one!

From North Carolina, USA, via Swapbot. I like this one too!

A German Shepherd from Germany, via Postcrossing.
The text on the back was written in German, and I could understand everything except for one word, I was so impressed by myself :D
Love this one!

From Finland, vis Postcrossing. 
A black&white postcard with a German Sherpherd, can it be any better?? I don't think so. I absolutely LOVE this one!

From USA, via Swapbot.
The map nerd in me LOVE this one too! ;)

And two of the postcards even had dog postage stamps, cute :)

So today was absolutely a great mail day! Gave me a lot of joy in an otherwise boring week :) Now I can go on with my bachelor thesis writing tomorrow with a good feeling.

Did you have a great mail day lately?


  1. The postcard with the German Shepherd balancing the cups is great. It put a big smile on my face.

  2. Wow, a great mail day indeed! Love the shepherd with the cups too, so cute.

  3. I love the dogs on your cards. And all the other swaps are very sweet.

    Gingertea is so delicious ;-)



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