April 18, 2013

Mobile update

Hi from Bergen :)
Today I have spent hours on bus and train from Sogndal to Bergen, and now I'm at my father's place.
I've been too busy with school lately to update or read any blogs, but here is what I've sent recently. Postcards and tea via Swapbot, and a small birthday surprice for my pal Kat. Her birthday is today, so if you read this Kat, Happy Birthday to you! :D
Also, I picked up some really nice mail before I left this morning, but I haven't taken pictures yet.
Have a nice weekend, all! :)


  1. is the owl from a rubber stamp?

    1. Yes, it is. It is from a shop called Søstrene Grene (from Denmark, but they have shops in Scandinavia and the Netherlands).

    2. Meh I want it :D It's sooo neat and plus I have a rubber stamp addiction... I just bought about 6 wooden and 6 clear ones yesterday :S

    3. Oh really, are they for sale here in The Netherlands? I def. love it so I guess the hunt is on ;-)

  2. Willemijn, here is the link to where you can find the shop in the Netherlands (they only have one shop there) http://www.grenes.dk/index.php?page=295&lang=nl

    Anna: I'll see if I can find it in Bergen for you ;) I bought it in Oslo the last time I was there, few months ago.

  3. Hey Elisabeth!

    What a nice surprise to check on your blog and see me being mentioned on my birthday!! : D Yay! Your mail hasn't arrived here yet but now I'm even more excited about checking the mailbox later today. I hope it will arrive soon! : )

    Have a good time in Bergen!

    1. I hope you had a great day :)
      Unfortunately, I didn't get to mail if until yesterday, so it will take some days still before you get it :/ I was meaning to post it earlier, but life got in the way :/ Bah.. But I hope you get it soon :)

      Thanks :) Have a great weekend yourself :)


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