April 2, 2013

Todays outgoing

What does Easter mean for me? 
A lot of days when the post office is closed...

So it has been filling up on my desk, and here's the pile that I sent out today:

Private writing paper swap.

Writing paper swap international, Swapbot.

Writing paper swap international, Swapbot.

Private tea swap.

A map for Julie's son who, like me, love maps!

A letter for one of my pals.

A letter for another pal.

Next up, postcards:
(All of them are via Swap-bot)


  1. It's stimulation for my eyes. I'm drooling over your mail.

  2. so much mail :) Looks great! Your letter arrived yesterday, thanks. It might take me a little bit to reply. I was and still am kinda sick and thus a bit behind :P

    1. Thanks :)
      That's fine. These next fes months will be busy and hectical for me, so I won't have time for any mail myself. So take your time, and feel better soon :)

  3. Wow!!! Beautiful mail!!! I loved all the envelopes and postcards.


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