April 4, 2013

What's up China?

How come that postcards I send to China are the only ones that gets expired??

Anyone else experienced this? All of my other postcards get to their adresses. Maybe I'll send new ones soon and PRINT the adresses instead of writing them by hand... (I do that sometimes, can't remember if I did it on these).


  1. In my case I haven't had problems with one country only but I've heard that many have problems with China - I've heard that one of the "reasons" the cards get lost in there is because the postmen don't know English and there is no room in a postcard to write the address in Chinese.. But that's only what I've heard..

    I've had expired cards to Russia, China, Taiwan and USA and now that 2 of my recipients seem to have stopped postcrossing I will have expired cards to Belgium and Portugal - no way mail would take 30 days to arrive! D:

    1. Ah, maybe there's some truth in that. There should be a possibility to print the adress in Chinese in smaller text maybe, or the postmen should learn more English... I've heard about other people having problems with spesific countries before, but not in a while.

      Ah, that's not good :( I hope they will come through to their recipents. I really do not like expired cards :(


Thank you very much for your comment! :)