May 25, 2013

Tea week journal

In May I have been doing a Tea Week Journal for a swap via Swapbot, and here is how it turned out:

I'm happy with how it turned out. I haven't been as creative as I wanted to during my three years of studies (one of the reasons why I started to be more creative with my envelopes), and sometimes I find it a bit hard to be creative. 

Hopefully now when I'm done with my studies I will find the energy to be more creative :)

I can't believe that I am done with my three years in Sogndal. Now I will move on in my life, a new chapter and new stuff to do, exiting :)

May 22, 2013

My life in pictures

Here's some pictures from my Instagram account to sum up my last month, I hope you like them :)

1.Ferry view - 2.Lace curtains and sun - 3.Ex-"Russ"-celebration - 4.Mornings - 5.Tea
6.Pepsi Max - 7.Football/soccer and reading for exam - 8.Sogndal view - 9.Bergen view - 10.ThrowbackThursday, me and my sister in 1997
11.Magazines - 12.Sogndal view - 13.Happy me with a Coca Cola with my name on it - 14.Happy Constitution Day, May 17 - 15.Dishes teamwork
16.Summer temperatures - 17.Bergen view - 18.Seals in the Aquarium in Bergen - 19.Snakes in the Aquarium in Bergen - 20.My knee
21.Bergen view - 22.Hanging out in the park by myself - 23.Bergen view - 24.View from my dad's place - 25.Wine on the teracce

Busy busy

The heading pretty much sums up my last weeks. I've already had one exam and handed in the bachelor thesis, and now I have one exam and moving left to do. And ofcourse, getting a job...

On Tuesday I'll be moving all my stuff to my mother's house (with help from my father who is far too kind to always help me out with these kind of things), and after that I have no idea what happens. I'll be applying for jobs several places in the country, and maybe also some in Denmark...

Anyway, here's some outgoing:

A tea journal swap on Swapbot and
a birthday surprise for my pal in Belgium.

And my incoming yesterday:

Homemade envelope swap on Swapbot.
These were adorable, loved them!

Letter from Willemijn :)
She enclosed some pages from a news paper
about the new king and queen in Netherlands.

A letter and some cute goodies from Ramona in the Netherlands :)

Letter from Kat in Germany.
I think the writing paper is so cute with the coloured birds! <3 nbsp="">

May 6, 2013

Exam #1 finished

First exam this semester is done. I can't say that it's well done, I just hope I pass. It was nearly an easy exam, but I had been reading on the wrong stuff because I overlooked the "easy" part and figured I didn't need to read on that because I was sure we didn't get questions about that. So well... In three weeks time I will know how it went...
So I recieved this postcard via Swapbot today. From Costa Rica, another place I would like to go someday :)

May 3, 2013

Where'd my week go?

It's May already, my last month of studies. I can't believe how fast these three years went by! But now I'm soon off to start a new chapter in my life, and I'm exited yet also a bit scared. But I guess something good happens soon, after this stressful month of school.

Anyway, I managed to write a letter, and sent it along with a swap today :)

An envelope swap via Swapbot,
going aaaall the way to Australia!

Letter for one of my new pals.

And here's my incoming mail this week.

Sample pack from MOO

And a letter from my pal Florence in the US.
With so much great goodies. I especially like
the postcard from Sacramento and the bicycle stamp
(which I already knew I was recieving), and the stickers,
and... Okay, all of it! ;)

So tonight I'll watch some series and the Norwegian Idol show on tv and eat chocolate :P A nice break from reading for my exam ;)

Have a nice weekend, whoever reads this :)

May 2, 2013


I was planning on going to the post office today, but now I'm not sure anymore... Seriously, snow??