May 22, 2013

Busy busy

The heading pretty much sums up my last weeks. I've already had one exam and handed in the bachelor thesis, and now I have one exam and moving left to do. And ofcourse, getting a job...

On Tuesday I'll be moving all my stuff to my mother's house (with help from my father who is far too kind to always help me out with these kind of things), and after that I have no idea what happens. I'll be applying for jobs several places in the country, and maybe also some in Denmark...

Anyway, here's some outgoing:

A tea journal swap on Swapbot and
a birthday surprise for my pal in Belgium.

And my incoming yesterday:

Homemade envelope swap on Swapbot.
These were adorable, loved them!

Letter from Willemijn :)
She enclosed some pages from a news paper
about the new king and queen in Netherlands.

A letter and some cute goodies from Ramona in the Netherlands :)

Letter from Kat in Germany.
I think the writing paper is so cute with the coloured birds! <3 nbsp="">

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