May 6, 2013

Exam #1 finished

First exam this semester is done. I can't say that it's well done, I just hope I pass. It was nearly an easy exam, but I had been reading on the wrong stuff because I overlooked the "easy" part and figured I didn't need to read on that because I was sure we didn't get questions about that. So well... In three weeks time I will know how it went...
So I recieved this postcard via Swapbot today. From Costa Rica, another place I would like to go someday :)


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    1. Thanks! Just keep them crossed for now, because I had a job interview today! And I have no idea how it went :/

  2. Gøy! Har selv joined swapbot nettopp, virket veldig bra.

    Her er forresten svaret på spørsmålet ditt:
    Det gjør det sikkert! Fotografen er elliot erwitt, du får søke litt rundt :)


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