May 22, 2013

My life in pictures

Here's some pictures from my Instagram account to sum up my last month, I hope you like them :)

1.Ferry view - 2.Lace curtains and sun - 3.Ex-"Russ"-celebration - 4.Mornings - 5.Tea
6.Pepsi Max - 7.Football/soccer and reading for exam - 8.Sogndal view - 9.Bergen view - 10.ThrowbackThursday, me and my sister in 1997
11.Magazines - 12.Sogndal view - 13.Happy me with a Coca Cola with my name on it - 14.Happy Constitution Day, May 17 - 15.Dishes teamwork
16.Summer temperatures - 17.Bergen view - 18.Seals in the Aquarium in Bergen - 19.Snakes in the Aquarium in Bergen - 20.My knee
21.Bergen view - 22.Hanging out in the park by myself - 23.Bergen view - 24.View from my dad's place - 25.Wine on the teracce

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