May 3, 2013

Where'd my week go?

It's May already, my last month of studies. I can't believe how fast these three years went by! But now I'm soon off to start a new chapter in my life, and I'm exited yet also a bit scared. But I guess something good happens soon, after this stressful month of school.

Anyway, I managed to write a letter, and sent it along with a swap today :)

An envelope swap via Swapbot,
going aaaall the way to Australia!

Letter for one of my new pals.

And here's my incoming mail this week.

Sample pack from MOO

And a letter from my pal Florence in the US.
With so much great goodies. I especially like
the postcard from Sacramento and the bicycle stamp
(which I already knew I was recieving), and the stickers,
and... Okay, all of it! ;)

So tonight I'll watch some series and the Norwegian Idol show on tv and eat chocolate :P A nice break from reading for my exam ;)

Have a nice weekend, whoever reads this :)


  1. I love They are a bit pricey, but their products are very good quality. You received some great mail.

  2. Hey! love the blog! but be careful with your address! :)


Thank you very much for your comment! :)