June 29, 2013


...are eager about their jobs these days. 

Recently I have recieved a lot more opened (and taped) mail than I usually do. I have never recieved so much customs controlled mail as I have during the last two weeks. Norwegians are probably more likely to import illegal goods during the summer?? Or the customs workers have been told to do their jobs more detailed... I don't know. But I think it's no fun!

Few days ago I opened a tea swap I recieved via Swapbot, and here is what I got:


The one to the right I would be swapping on if they hadn't opened it. Now I have to drink it, even though I am not sure I like it...

Thanks customs... for nothing!

June 21, 2013

In & out

Recently outgoing:

Swaps via Swapbot.
"Anonymous Tea Trade"
and "Mail Art Cats"

Swaps via Swapbot and Instagram.
"Recycled postcard"
"Handmade envelopes"
and a thank you for someone who had to send their swap twice.

Last incoming:

"Handmade envelopes" via Swapbot.

Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of my incoming letters recently. And I am thinking about deleting my blog because I don't seem to update it very often these days...

June 16, 2013


I've been a bad blogger lately. But I got an A on my bachelor thesis, and I got two jobs for the summer, so I have good excuses ;)

Here's some of my outgoing over the last weeks. I forgot to picture some of my outgoing, but well...

Penpal letter

Swap via Sendsomething

Penpal letter

Penpal letter