July 28, 2013


Penpal letter

Two postcard swaps

For a tv program called "20 questions"

Penpal letter

Mail art dogs swap

Washi tape cards swap

July 21, 2013

Previous incoming

Few swaps via Swapbot.

Mail art

Here's an envelope I recieved some weeks ago. It is amazing, I really really like it!! Will try to make some stampin' mail art myself I think :)
Thank you, Willemijn!

July 18, 2013


I have been incredible bad at taking pictures of both my incoming and outgoing mail the last month(s), but here are some:



And well, I won't be any better with pictures in the next few months either :( But I will hopefully be able to buy myself a new camera in August, so maybe you're up for some surprices then :)

I wish you all a great summertime! Here the weather is like autumn (rain and windy...)

Cheers :)